Internet Betting – Expect the Big East Conference to Expand

Get ready for some more teams on the Internet betting board in the Big East Conference. The Big East has said that they want to expand their football conference from eight to ten members. The Big East is a conference that gets an automatic BCS bid in football but that bid could be in danger in future seasons if the Big East does not get improved performances.  Expanding to ten teams could convince a team like TCU to consider joining the conference and that would shake things up in online betting a bit.

Teams to Consider
The Big East would really like to get Villanova into the conference in football. They already have them in other sports and Villanova would be a great addition in football. They are the third ranked team in the Football Championship Series poll.  There is no question that Villanova could compete in the Big East in football against the Internet betting odds at Sbg global just as they do in other sports.  TCU would be the other team that the Big East would love to add.  That move doesn’t make as much sense since the travel would be rough but the Big East may need a team like TCU if they are to keep their automatic BCS bid in football.  Other teams that the Big East is looking at are Central Florida, East Carolina, Memphis and Temple.

Big East Moving Slowly
Unlike some other conferences that have jumped without thinking, the Big East is taking their time. They don’t want to make the same mistake that conferences like the Mountain West and WAC have already made.  The Big East hired former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue as a consultant.  The Big East wants to make the best possible decision in regards to expansion and have all their ducks in a row. The Big East doesn’t want to expand to 12 teams unless they can get four quality teams to move.  There don’t look to be four good choices. Expanding to ten teams makes more sense especially with Villanova as one of those teams.  TCU would be a major coup but even if they don’t get them, going to just 10 instead of 12 is smart.  The last thing the Big East wants to do is water down their conference. The Big East would love to get TCU though and that is why they are taking their time.  If TCU gets shut out of the BCS title game again this season they may have some motivation to join the Big East in the future.