Internet Betting Fans Can’t Wait for NFL Schedule

Internet betting on the NFL is not that far away with the 2010 regular season schedule set to be released. The NFL has delayed releasing the schedule this year but it should be out late this week or early next week.  The NFL is so popular in online betting that the release of the schedule gets its own TV show on the NFL Network.

Internet betting on NFL games includes 256 games for the 2010 regular season.  The NFL Draft is next Thursday night and the schedule will be released before then. “They are still working on it. And if we had it done, we’d be rolling it out,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said, “We’re still shooting for later this week or early next week at the latest.”  Each team already knows their opponents for the 2010 season but the exact dates and which games are on TV are being finalized this week.  The NFL Network will have a primetime show, probably this weekend or early next week when the schedule is released.

The 2010 NFL season is sixteen weeks long with each team getting a bye. That means the online betting schedule is 17 weeks long beginning in early September.  The playoffs begin in January with Super Bowl XLV scheduled for Sunday, February 6th at Cowboys Stadium.

The preseason schedule for the 2010 season is already out with a number of intriguing matchups in Internet betting. The regular season schedule though is what people look at.  The prime time games on NBC and ESPN are the ones that people really focus on in Internet betting. Sunday Night Football on NBC and ESPN’s Monday Night Football are the two biggest NFL games each week.  The first week of the season is even better since NBC has the Thursday night game and a Sunday night game while ESPN has two games on the opening Monday night of the regular season.

There is simply nothing like NFL internet betting.  The NFL outdraws all of the other sports by far. With other sports, the release of the schedule is nice but with the NFL it is important and exciting and it even has its own TV show.  And you don’t have to wait long as the 2010 NFL regular season schedule should be out within a few days with the matchups announced on the NFL Network.