Internet Betting – Boise State Wins First Big Game of the College Football Season

Internet Betting – Boise State Wins First Big Game of the College Football Season. You may want to show some restraint when you consider the Yankees vs. the Internet betting baseball odds.The Yankees are banged up and overpriced and they are just 5-5 in their last ten games vs. the online betting baseball odds.

Internet betting odds favor the Yankees because they are a big public team.  You probably already realize that.  That doesn’t mean the Yankees don’t win games because they do but New York has some injuries right now and they have been just a .500 team recently.  When the Yankees are splitting their games it means gamblers are losing some serious cash.  New York is heavily favored most of the time and if they go win, loss, win, loss then the sportsbooks are going to do well.

New York was looking at a potential lineup of Ramiro Pena at third, Marcus Thames at DH and Austin Kearns in right field earlier this week.  Alex Rodriguez left Monday’s game with an injury and Nick Swisher is also battling a forearm injury.  A-Rod and Swisher are two of the top bats for New York and they would be missed.  The team is also likely to be without Lance Berkman who has an ankle injury.

Check the Lineup:  You really want to check the lineup before you wager on New York games this week at SBG. If A-Rod and Swisher are out of the starting lineup then you might want to be careful about throwing money down on the Yankees vs. the online betting baseball odds. Berkman is not a big loss since he isn’t a big factor anyway.

Schedule:  The Yankees are playing Detroit mid-week and then Seattle over the weekend.  The games are at Yankee Stadium and that means New York is going to be heavily favored.  For you to make any money taking the Yankees in a series against Seattle the team would have to win all three games.  That may happen as Seattle isn’t very good but just one slip up by New York and your profits are gone.  The Yankees will probably be laying 2-1 in every game in that series although when King Felix goes for Seattle the Yankees should be less than -200 vs. the Internet betting MLB odds.