College Football Online Betting at SBG Global

Online betting on a college football Saturday is unlike anything you have every experienced. It is arguably the best day of the year for four months when betting online. Each Saturday morning begins bright with seemingly endless possibilities as you look at the online betting odds, with about 50 games of sides, totals, halftimes, parlays, teasers, etc.

Online betting on college football, unlike NFL betting, features a greater variety of matchups from true blowouts to classic and historic rivalries that go back decades. How those who bet football handle their Saturdays, however, ultimately decides on their enjoyment level of these great days because winning is always better than losing in online betting.

When you look at the online betting odds you will see a typical college football Saturday broken down into four and sometimes five segments. There are the early morning games that start around noon Eastern. Then another round of games begins around 3 pm Eastern. The third round begins around 7 pm Eastern and another round of games about 10 pm Eastern. Sometimes, fans are treated to a final late game from Hawaii, around 12 am Eastern. With about 50 games spread out over the entire day it is a thing of beauty when betting online but it can also blow out the bankrolls of those who bet football recklessly. Preparation and discipline are the keys to not just surviving college football betting on Saturdays but also winning in online betting.

You will find about thirteen weekends in the college football regular season. Anyone serious about college football betting should therefore breakdown his season opening online betting bankroll into thirteen parts. For example, let’ say that you start the season with a $10,000 online betting bankroll. That would leave you about $770 per week for the season. By breaking down one’s online betting bankroll in such a manner a player betting online, if he sticks to the plan will keep himself out of trouble and easily handle the bad beats and losing streaks that are inevitable in online betting. Those who bet their entire online betting bankrolls on one day or one game are just looking for trouble and they will ruin the best day of the week because of one mistake. Enjoy the football Saturdays; they are like nothing else when betting online.