2016 Conference USA Championship Betting Preview

November 12th, 2019 NCAA Basketball, Online Betting

2016 Conference USA Championship Betting Preview. With the 2015-16 NCAA Basketball Regular season all but over the teams for the USA Conference are booked and all is set for the games to start. In the 1st spot are the UAB Blazers seeking their 2nd consecutive Title and a spot in the ‘Big Dance’ while the other participants are Old Dominion, Louisiana Tech and Middle Tennessee seeking victories?

For those that Bet on College hoops at an online sportsbook, we are looking at this USA Tournament and we will preview some favorites and others starting with the UAB Blazers who offensively and defensively have a talented and balanced roster. They are the known in this conference as the reigning USA Champs and finished with a 16-2 conference record this season and they are confident about winning the title again this season, especially since their star duo of R. Brown is averaging some 13.5 and W. Lee averaging 10.8 points per game this season and both performing well on the court.

This UAB team ended their season with a 5 game consecutive win streak, and the team moving forward will be seeking top performances from Brown and team members as their offense this season has averaged 77.9 points each game. Yes, Brown in the teams last 15 games he has averaged double-digits in scoring. But fans are wondering how the Blazer will react offensively with all the pressure that the upcoming teams will place on them.

Next favorites are the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders who come into this tournament with a grudge against the UAB Blazers who last season beat the Blue Raiders to take the USA Championship. Now this season they have a much better opportunity to beat UAB thanks to one team player.

That player is R. Upshaw who to date is scoring some 13.8 points per game to date and have 9.6 rebounds each game. Then this past Saturday he topped his junior year in their win over FIU this past Saturday as he had 14 rebounds and scored 23 points in that game. If Upshaw can continue that type of performances in this tournament the Blue Raiders could be a team with high possibilities of winning it all.

Then we have the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs who fans recall their last game of the regular season that they lost to WKU, but are proud to be in this tournament in third place. Their new head Coach E. Konkol has really been able to improve on his player’s talents to step up his team’s performances offensively. Two players that have showed incredible improvement in their game play are A. Hamilton and E. McCree under the new coach.

Yes, those 2 players can determine the outcome for the Bulldogs since Hamilton has shot 50.5 percent and averaged some 21 points each game, while McCree each game has scored some 16.6 points.

The Sleeper in this tournament is said to be the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers whose conference record is 8 and 10 which brought them in at 8th place, but they are a team who could surprise all participants.

W. Kentucky finished this season as they were victorious in 4 of their ultimate 5 games, with the last win coming on this past Saturday when they overtook 96-90 Louisiana Tech in OT. Their duo of stars was A. Crosby and J. Justin who between them had 15 rebounds and scored an incredible 45 points combined. We can look for the same 2 players to stay with their stellar performances and assist the team who has been scoring each game an average of 77.5 points.

Again last but not least are the Florida Atlantic Owls who are considered to be the Long Shot even as their record for this season had 2 additional wins over the last season. Their record has been a more or less factor at 5 and 13 in the conference and they 1st play UTSA in the 1st round of the Tournament.

Since the UTSA team is in last place, the Owls should be able to come away with a win, especially since this season they won all their games against UTSA. The Owls will be seeking a top performance from their freshman J. Cylla who in their last 2 games with UTSA he has averaged some 23 or more points each game. In their ultimate 5 games overall he has averaged 12 points each game.

The sports betting prediction for this Conference USA tournament will see the Blazer of UAB overpower the ranks and win their 2nd consecutive conference Title.

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