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February 10th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Offshore bookmaking is something that goes on all year. You start with college football in January on the bowl games, move to betting the Super Bowl in February, continue with March Madness, NBA playoff betting, Major League Baseball, college football, and end the year with NFL betting. There is no off-season when it comes to sports gambling offshore action.

Offshore handicapping sports seasons are different. Betting sports really doesn’t go according to a regular calendar. The gambling offshore sports season really begins in August with Preseason NFL action. September brings the favorite time of the year to most gambling offshore players, and that is NFL offshore bookmaking action. Most offshore bookmaking gamblers get heavily involved in football betting but this is not always the most profitable area for many gamblers. College football and NFL betting are extremely popular in sports betting but that does not mean they are profitable. Most people like to bet favorites when it comes to NFL offshore bookmaking odds and that is not always a wise move. Usually underdogs are much more profitable versus NFL offshore bookmaking odds, but you will be very hard-pressed to convince the gambling offshore public of that fact.

The NBA season begins in November as does the college basketball hoops season. Those two sports continue all the way through the winter months. Technically the New Year begins in January but not for the offshore bookmaking gambler. The month of January features college football bowl games and NFL playoffs offshore bookmaking odds and then the Super Bowl comes around each February.

The month of March is perhaps the most exciting month for offshore bookmaking gamblers and for online betting sites. March Madness actually brings in more money than the Super Bowl in online betting because it is spread out over a few weeks of great action. March Madness is not just a single event because you have the college basketball conference tournaments in addition to the regular NCAA Tournament and the NIT Tournament. This all continues into the month of April and culminates with the NCAA Basketball Championship game. April also brings the start of baseball offshore bookmaking odds. May and June have NBA and NHL betting in addition to baseball betting. July is really a slow month with only baseball offshore bookmaking odds. It all begins again in August in online betting with preseason football and college football.

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