Uruguay wins vs. Online bookmaker odds Mexico

February 14th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

The winner vs. the online bookmaker odds in Group A was Uruguay as they defeated Mexico 1-0.It was a good result for Mexico too though in offshore betting since they also advanced to the knockout round.  Uruguay finished atop the group while Mexico finished second.  South Africa and France were eliminated.

Online bookmaker odds favored France in Group A before the World Cup began but the France team was a mess.  Uruguay was the strongest team in the group and Mexico also had their moments.  Uruguay was actually the last team to qualify for the World Cup but they now look like they could win in the knockout round. In the win over Mexico, Uruguay played excellent defense and they got a goal from Luis Suarez. Uruguay did not allow a single goal in the group stage. It is the first time in their history they have posted three straight shutouts in the World Cup. Uruguay will now face the second place team from Group B in the knockout round. It is the first time since 1990 that Uruguay will be playing in the round of 16.

Mexico will be making their fifth straight appearance in the knockout round. Only Brazil and Germany have longer streaks.  Mexico finished in a tie in the group with South Africa but they advance with a better goal differential. Mexico scored three goals while giving up two goals in their three matches for a plus one goal differential while South Africa scored three goals but gave up five in their three games for a negative two in goal differential.

Since Uruguay got the victory over Mexico in offshore betting they have a much better chance of winning in the knockout round.  Their defense is excellent and they have two solid scoring threats in Suarez and Diego Forlan. Uruguay is likely to face either South Korea or Greece and they are very capable of beating either of those two teams. Mexico is probably going to have to play Argentina in the round of 16 and that looks to be a daunting task. The one thing that might give Mexico a chance is their offensive prowess but against Argentina it is tough to win a high scoring game.