Red Bulls Odds at the Bookmaker Could Improve With Henry

February 14th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

The odds at the bookmaker on the New York Red Bulls of the MLS could improve after the World Cup as France’s Thierry Henry is set to join the team. Henry will play for France at the World Cup and then join the Red Bulls when the World Cup is over.  Henry should be a boost to New York in terms of fans at the matches and he should help their chances of winning games vs. online bookmaker odds.

Bookmaker odds on New York have been a bit of a surprise this season as the Red Bulls have actually played better than expected.  Getting Henry could help the Red Bulls even more as the season continues. Henry is expected to play up front with team captain Juan Pablo Angel.  The addition of Henry is not a total surprise since Henry has said in the past he wanted to live in New York and play in the MLS.

The question for online bookmaker handicappers to answer is how much Henry actually has left.  He has been a great player in this career and was considered a premier striker for France.  He no longer has that ability though as he played only 14 times for Barcelona this past season.  In the Champions League semifinals against Inter Milan he didn’t even see the field.

Henry is a big name and he will help New York in terms of tickets sales but how effective he will be on the field is another story.  New York was terrible last season but this year they have been right in the mix in the Eastern Conference.  One of the problems for New York has been goal scoring so perhaps Henry can help them offensively when he joins the team.

Through their first eight games this season the Red Bulls were actually 5-3 and those 15 points were good enough to lead the Eastern Conference.  New York will need to improve their goal scoring if they are to stay in contention and Henry might provide a boost.  The interest in New York vs. the odds at the bookmaker should increase simply because Henry is a big name in the soccer world.  Bringing a marquee player to New York in any sport always increases interest in the team and that should be the case when Henry arrives to play for the Red Bulls.