Online Bookmaker: Wayne Rooney Wants Out

February 14th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Online Bookmaker: Wayne Rooney Wants Out. It has not been a great start for Manchester United against online bookmaker odds and it may not get any better as it has come out that Wayne Rooney wants out. Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson said on Tuesday that Rooney wants to leave. Rooney is a player who can impact offshore betting soccer results at SBG Sportsbook and when he is not playing well, United is simply not as good.

Rooney’s Deal – Rooney’s current deal with United expires next summer and Rooney has said he is not going to negotiate a new deal with United. Something has changed with Rooney and United because it was only a few months ago when Rooney said how much he loved playing with the best club in the world. Whether the issue is with Ferguson or not is in debate but publicly, Ferguson said that he has not had any argument with Rooney. There is no doubt though that Rooney’s time with United is probably coming to an end. The team is not going to let him walk away next year and get nothing in return so it is probable they will deal him somewhere before this season is over but they can’t do anything until January when the transfer window re-opens.

Rooney Injured – Rooney is not even at full strength right now. He was hurt in a recent training session and will not play in United’s Champions League match on Wednesday against Bursaspor.

United has other Problems – Wayne Rooney is not the only problem for Manchester United this season. You might look at United’s record and notice they are unbeaten in eight games. That sounds good in terms of online bookmaker odds until you realize they have only three wins. The problem for United has not been their offense, which has 18 goals in eight games, but their defense. This season the United defense has been blowing leads on a regular basis. Normally when United scores two goals the match is over. Not this year. Did you know that in the past two years when United scored two or more goals they won 41 of 42 matches? This year they have scored two ore more in seven of their first eight games but they have only three wins in offshore betting and four draws. Blowing leads never used to happen with Manchester United but this season it is happening on a regular basis. Rio Ferdinand has not played much due to injury and goaltender Van der Sar is nearly 40 years old.


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