Online Bookmaker – Buckeyes Mess Deepens

May 30, 2011 Offshore Bookmaker

The Ohio State Buckeyes are going to be a tough team to figure in college football odds at the online bookmaker in 2011.

The Buckeyes are dealing with NCAA violations and head coach Jim Tressel is really feeling the heat.  Ohio State will likely not be a team to take in offshore betting very often this season.

Buckeyes 16-1
Ohio State is currently 16-1 in offshore betting at the Sbg global sportsbook to win the national championship. Those odds are probably a little low considering the Buckeyes have suspensions to deal with to start the season and potentially more on the way.

Tressel Rebuked
Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel was strongly rebuked by the NCAA for his role in the current investigation of NCAA violations. The NCAA said that Tressel withheld information and lied so that he could keep his players on the field.  All of this is in regards to the improper benefits that a number of Ohio State players received from the owner of a tattoo parlor. The NCAA sent a letter to Ohio State saying that a number of the violations that Tressel committed could be major ones. Ohio State has already suspended Tressel for the first five games of the 2011 season but the NCAA may decide more needs to be done.

Buckeyes in a Tough Spot
If it was any other coach other than Jim Tressel the Buckeyes would have fired him long ago. Tressel is revered in Columbus though for his success and even now there are many that want him to stay.  The NCAA violations are serious and Tressel should have already been fired. He has so much support though that the University has done nothing. Ohio State has 90 days to respond to the NCAA and then there will be a hearing on August 12th in Indianapolis.  The Buckeyes do not have a strong athletic director as Gene Smith has basically given Tressel anything he wanted for years.  If the University is to make a decision to get rid of Tressel it won’t be coming from Smith. Tressel is 106-22 at Ohio State and he led the team to the 2002 national championship.  Online bookmaker results indicate that last year the Buckeyes went 12-1 including a win over Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl where the NCAA let five suspended players participate.