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February 15th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Online bookie sports betting odds are made by a group of sports oddsmakers that have a great deal of experience. The offshore bookie lines are made by people that know their job very well and they are made with the supposed intent to attract action to each side of a game. The reality of the online bookmaker odds is that oftentimes the oddsmaker sets a line wanting more action on one side than the other.

Online bookmaker oddsmaking is both an art and a science. Oddsmaking can be done strictly by the numbers but oftentimes it is not. The offshore bookie oddsmaker must really develop a feel for how the public will bet a game and incorporate that feeling into the line. Perception is very important to how the online bookie odds are actually made.

Many online bookie oddsmakers will combine power ratings and public perception when making the line. The public has a major influence on how the online bookie odds are made, especially in the NFL. For example, let’s say that Indianapolis is hosting Miami. The power ratings show that the Colts should be an 8 point home favorite. The online bookie oddsmaker is likely to make the Colts -10 strictly for the fact that Indianapolis is a public team and will get more offshore bookie wagers.

Making the online bookie line on college football and other sports is more about the power ratings, whereas the NFL is much more about perception. Sometimes when looking at the online bookie odds you will see games in which the line seems to be off. That may or may not be the case. Sometimes the online bookie oddsmaker wants a certain side to get action and attracts the best specifically for that reason. Some people have referred to these games as “traps.” The sports betting public is trapped into taking a line that looks too good to be true. The offshore bookie oddsmakers will deny they do this but it is a known fact that it happens.

Very often when the sports betting line is made it will get bet from the so-called wise guys first. Then the online bookie line will settle and other sportsbooks will begin to post their lines. Once you see the line at your sportsbook or in the newspaper it has settled on what it will probably be when you bet it.

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