Offshore Bookmaker: What to expect on the Second Half of the MLB Season

July 3, 2014 Offshore Bookmaker

What to expect on the Second Half of the MLB SeasonAs the All-Star break approaches for Major League Baseball, for an offshore bookmaker here are some of the things we are expecting to happen on the second half of this ongoing season. Here are some of our predictions of what might happen this year.

Starting at who will lead the League in Home Runs, we are predicting that Edwin Encarnacion will continue to crush homers for the rest of the season.  The Blue Jays player will continue to show his power hitting skills and eventually lead the league in that department come the end of the season.

Now, the next might be regarded as a bold prediction. But we are not alone on this one. We think that if there is a pitcher in the league today to most likely throw a no-hitter is Chicago White Sox’s Chris Sale. So far the season has only seen two no-hitter games, and as the season progresses the likelihood of a third one from happening is not to far fetched, considering Sale’s performance so far and his abilities.

Another prediction that we are making right now is that the Kansas City Royals will surprise everybody and put an end to the Detroit Tigers streak and claim the AL Central. A bold prediction for an Offshore Bookmaker it might seem but, the key factor that leads us to this conclusion is that the Royals have a better rotation that the Tigers. Second half of the season will see how the Royals overtake the Tigers and send them to the top, thus making the Tigers settling up for a Wildcard spot.

This season has seen the Milwaukee Brewers putting a very impressive display of baseball, so far in the standings the Brewers top the NL Central in the top spot. Although some might say that they will not keep the same spot, we are expecting that they will.

Now, the top prediction for this second half of the MLB season. All things considered, and looking on how the teams are shifting. We believe that the Los Angeles Dodgers will reach and win the World Series. If they are able to capitalize from trades on this stage of the season, you can expect the Dodgers to find a way to win it all.

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