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February 22nd, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Offshore bookmaker money lines are an option that some gamblers consider in football and basketball. It is also the way that you bet baseball and hockey when gambling offshore. The main difference between a money line and a pointspread is that there are no points involved with the money line. Offshore money lines are pretty easy to understand.  Let’s look at an offshore baseball money line example.

San Diego Padres      +140
Los Angeles Dodgers   -160

In this example, if you want the Dodgers you would risk $160 for every $100 you wanted to win or the 16/10 equivalent. If you bet San Diego you would risk $100 but win $140 if the Padres were victorious. The difference is the offshore bookmaker vigorish and is called a 20-cent line. You could also see a difference in that offshore bookmaker vigorish return where it might just be 10 cents. This money line example is exactly the same as the lines you see in hockey when gambling offshore.

You also have offshore bookmaker money lines to consider in the NFL, college football, NBA and college basketball. Here is an offshore bookmaker money line example that you might see when looking at the NBA betting line:

Cleveland    +180
Boston       -220

In this case if you liked the Celtics you would be risking $220 for every $100 you wanted to win when gambling offshore. If you liked the Cavaliers you would get back $180 for every $100 wagered if Cleveland won. You are just betting on a team to win the game, no offshore pointspread is involved with money lines when gambling offshore.

You also have offshore bookmaker money lines in other sports like NASCAR, golf, tennis and soccer. They are usually matchup oriented and look very similar to the previous NBA example.

These are the basics for offshore money lines and some things you will likely see. The good news with an offshore bookmaker money line is that you only have to win the game. It is why some gamblers prefer it over the pointspread in many sports.

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