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February 22nd, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Offshore bookmaker golf odds are well off the radar of most gamblers and while that will probably always be the case, especially when the major tournaments come around. The Masters, the U.S. Open, The PGA, and the British Open always draw pretty good interest and the Players Championship is not far behind.

Offshore bookmaker golf odds are similar to NASCAR odds in that you have a couple of main options. You can bet on a particular golfer to win the tournament or you can bet matchups made by the offshore bookmaker. The first offshore bookmaker betting option is pretty straightforward and is just like betting a team to win the Super Bowl. You get offshore gambling odds anywhere from 3-1 to 100-1 or more depending upon the golfer. Tiger Woods might be listed at 3-1 while someone like John Daly might be 100-1.

Matchups are the other main area where you as an offshore gambling player can focus. Here is what a typical offshore bookmaker golf matchup might look like.

Ernie Els +170
Tiger Woods -200

In this example you are betting $200 dollars for every $100 you want to win on Woods while you get $170 dollars for every $100 you risk on Els. The matchups made by the offshore bookmaker usually involve golfers of comparative skill so each golfer attracts interest.

As you bet offshore bookmaker golf odds it is a good idea to do a little research on the players you want to bet. You can go to the various golf sites and get information on how a golfer has done in a particular tournament in the past, his current statistics for this year, and how the golf course has played in the past. While it is very exciting to bet a golfer to win a tournament at offshore bookmaker odds of 20-1 or more it is very difficult to get paid. The PGA Tour is so ultra-competitive that finding a golfer to win each week is a tough proposition in offshore gambling. You may be better off playing the offshore bookmaker matchups where you can actually find an edge.

As you look at offshore bookmaker golf odds, try and stay with the basics. It is very difficult to pick winners of a tournament no matter how much information you have. It is possible to find some good offshore bookmaker matchups though and that may be where you want to put your focus.

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