NFL Playoffs and the Offshore Bookmaker at SBG Global

February 22nd, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Offshore bookmaker odds during the NFL playoffs are among the most popular odds of the year. Although NFL gambling is already highly popular and eclipses action in all other sports combined, the playoffs take this popularity to a whole new level.  More gamblers are betting offshore during the playoffs than during the regular season.

Offshore bookmaker NFL playoff odds definitely are appealing. Knowing how to handle the playoffs is a key to succeeding for gamblers who are betting offshore.  Just because a team is the darling of the media does not mean they will be a good wager against the offshore bookmaker odds.  Just look what has happened to the Dallas Cowboys in recent seasons.  They are always a popular public pick by gamblers that are betting offshore, yet the Cowboys continue to fail in the playoffs.  Conversely, a team like the Arizona Cardinals was virtually discounted by the public during the 2008-2009 playoffs and they made it all the way to the Super Bowl.  They did lose the big game but they covered the offshore bookmaker odds.

If you want to beat the offshore bookmaker odds in the playoffs you must remember a few things.  Teams can get on hot streaks in the playoffs and be good offshore betting values.  Arizona proved that this past season and the New York Giants did it the previous season, winning the Super Bowl.  In addition to streaks you also want to look for teams with solid defenses and teams that are undervalued by the offshore bookmaker.  You rarely want to be laying big points in the playoffs against the offshore bookmaker odds.

To win money during the playoffs versus the offshore bookmaker odds you have to look at a variety of factors.  One thing you don’t want to do when betting against the offshore bookmaker odds though is put too much stock in the media or in the public’s opinion.  Rarely will you be successful in the playoffs by following the public.

The NFL playoffs are a great time of the year for both the offshore bookmaker and for the average gambler.  Take a look at the exciting playoff odds this year and try and win money against the offshore bookmaker odds.

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