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February 23rd, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Bookie odds on NFL action are the most popular sports betting odds. Let’s take a look at some bookie angles that can help you win more money against the NFL bookmaking odds. Bookie angles for the NFL begin with the beaten favorite angle. The NFL gambling public is extremely fickle in nature and quite unforgiving towards a team that is coming off a loss as a favorite in their previous game. This is more than likely because the public was on that team in bookie wagering when they lost. This leads towards contrarian thinking, which is usually a great way to go about your business when wagering against NFL bookie odds. Just when the public gets mad and writes off a team such as a beaten bookmaking odds favorite, that is the time when you can jump in and gain a point or two bargain in the bookie price that you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten.

By the opposite way, a lesser team that is coming off a straight up upset win as an underdog is often an excellent target for bookie opposition in their next game. Such teams will have the likely affect of suffering a letdown, as well as being slightly over-priced on the bookmaking board as the masses will of course handicap and wager on last week’s games, rather than the present.

Teams coming off an upset win as a dog will also be lacking in emotion, as they often will prove to have “left it all on the field” to gain that upset win and have little focus or energy remaining for their next game.Another NFL bookie angle revolves around the run. Forget big name quarterbacks and fancy high tech offenses as you look at bookie odds. At the end of the day, pro football is won both on the field and at the bookie sites on the ground. Year after year teams that are at the top of the rushing charts are also at the top of the bookie profit charts.

These are just a few simple bookie angles that can help you win more money against the bookmaking odds this NFL season.

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