Football Bookmaker Odds on Game at Wrigley Field

February 23rd, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

College football odds at the bookmaker in 2010 will feature a game at Wrigley Field between Illinois and Northwestern. The game should attract some interest at the Internet bookmaker simply because it will be played at the home of the Chicago Cubs. Bookmaker odds should be very competitive on this game since Illinois and Northwestern have comparative talent.  Wrigley Field may be known as the Cubs home field but it was the home of the Chicago Bears from 1921 to 1970.  The game between Illinois and Northwestern is scheduled for November 20th. “It’s great for both programs, with the mystique of the stadium,” Illinois coach Ron Zook said, “Both programs will really enjoy it.”

Northwestern has pushed for a game at Wrigley Field since 2008.  Northwestern athletic director Jim Phillips discussed the idea with Cubs president Crane Kenney in 2008, the same year that Wrigley hosted the NHL Winter Classic.  If you think that this game could become an annual tradition you might want to think again. Northwestern likes the idea of the game since it could boost their ticket sales but Illinois is not going to give up one of their home games to rotate this series on a yearly basis.

Northwestern has won eight games in each of the last two seasons so they are going to have a chance to beat Illinois vs. the Internet bookmaker odds.  This will technically be a home game for Northwestern although there may be more Illinois fans in the crowd. Northwestern really had nothing to lose since they don’t draw that many fans to the game against the Illinois.  The 2002 game drew just 25,134. The 2004 game drew 23,563. The 2006 game drew 22,342 while two years ago the game drew 32,166. Northwestern would like to increase the visibility of their football program and having a game at Wrigley Field is one way to do that.  Illinois seems to be a team that fits perfectly for the Wildcats.

This will not be the only football game at a baseball stadium in college football that the bookmaker has to make odds on this season.  The new Yankee Stadium will play host to a college football bowl game in December.   That game will match up a Big 12 team against a Big East team.  That game will also get added attention simply because it will be played at a baseball stadium.


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