Extra Points with Bookie Odds at SBG Global

February 23rd, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Bookie odds can actually be moved a little bit in football or basketball if you buy an extra half point or full point. Many gamblers concentrate on football and basketball odds from the online bookmaker and don’t give baseball much of a look. That is really too bad since baseball bookie lines offer great value.

You may ask why would people buy extra points with an online bookmaker but the answer is obvious.  You get better bookie odds on your games by paying the extra price. Bookie lines will not always move.  It depends upon the bookie number. Many bettors will never buy the half point at online bookmaker sites because it costs more money. Instead of laying the traditional $110 for $100 you are asked to lay $120 for every $100 if you buy the extra half point. The question becomes is it worth it? Usually the answer is no, but there are exceptions.

In NFL betting at online boookie sites the key number that makes it worth buying the extra half point is 3. Many online bookmaker sites won’t let you buy on, or off, of three in the NFL. If you are able find a sportsbook that lets you buy the extra half point, it is worth it to buy from -3 down to -2.5 or from +3 to +3.5. It is also profitable to buy from -3.5 down to -3 and from +2.5 to +3. Anywhere around that number of 3 is worth the extra half point in bookie odds for NFL gambling.

The next question is whether any other numbers help you with the extra half point as you look at bookie lines. Long-term studies have been done to analyze all the situations where buying that extra half point would have helped you with the online bookie. The only situation that has been profitable over the long haul is the half point right around the number three, and only in the NFL bookie odds.

Why is the number three the only number where buying the extra half point with an online bookmaker is profitable? Let’s say we have a team getting three points in an NFL game. We buy the extra half point in bookie lines to make it +3.5. We now get a win instead of a push if we lose by exactly three points. The same thing happens in the other four bookie situations. Many sportsbooks won’t let you buy that extra half point around the number of 3 in the NFL but there are some that will. If you have the chance to buy it in these bookie situations you should do it.

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