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May 22nd, 2018 Offshore Bookmaker

Today’s gamblers have so much to be thankful for.  The days of having to bet illegally with a bookie are finally over.  At last, gambling has evolved from that.  Bettors are no longer hostage to just one set of odds.  It’s now a consumer market.  And its out in the open.  No more dark alleys.  Or having to speak a second language in code.  In fact, now rip off vigorish rates of illegal bookies are toast.  And collecting your winnings is no hassle.  As well as a sure thing.  Which is worthy of a toast.  To go along with a sincere raise of the glass to the offshore bookmaker.

In the Beginning…

Back in the day the local illegal bookie was all powerful.  Furthermore, he took full advantage of his role.  He was the only way gamblers could get action.  Knowing that the bookie would often charge far more than standard 10 percent juice.  And even charge players a point either way on pick’em games.  Yet gamblers had no choice.  It was the only avenue to action.  Beyond that there were no bonuses.  And winners often worried about ever getting paid.  Yes, it was that bad.  Until the offshore bookmaker came along.  Finally the entire script has been flipped.

New Enlightened Era

Gamblers have been unleashed in this new enlightened era.  They have multiple choices on every game.  Also,they can shop for the best line and price.  They can even “middle” games.  This is by taking the favorite at one wagering website.  And then taking the underdog at a different price somewhere else.  Different versions of this can be done with half wagers.  And all the while today’s bettors will get tremendous bonuses for simply joining.  They are on the plus side before their first bet is made.   In conclusion, today’s world has made the illegal bookie obsolete.


Availability is another bonus today’s gamblers enjoy.  The can bet any game played anywhere in the world.  On any day and at any time.  The absurdity of sneaking out to a pay phone to call the bookie is finally over.  Not to mention stressful in person meetings with him.  A couple of clicks on the computer takes care of it all.  And getting paid winnings is a lightning quick sure thing afterward.


Variety is the spice of life.  So goes the old saying.  And online sportsbooks give players options that they never had with the bookie.  You can bet on so many different variations of the same game.  And on all of the top matchups.  Pro and college football and basketball. All major professional soccer leagues.  The Champions League and World Cup.  National Hockey League action.  Major League Baseball.  Golf, tennis, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing and auto racing.  It’s all there for the taking.  The action never ends!

Much more than Sports

And if you want a break from offshore bookmaker sports action there is more to do as well.  Casino table games, poker, and horse racing are offered.  And at the best prices and vigs possible.  Best of all today’s online casinos and sportsbooks are well known.  Experienced personnel have fine tuned the experience.  They have built a world that totally caters to the online gambler.  Customer demand and service is the constant priority.  Giving the player what he wants is job one.  Thus, the phenomenal growth of the industry itself.

SBG Global

Now is the time to open a new account.  And get a bonus for doing so. SBG Global has the entire lineup ready for you to bet.  So get in the game!

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