Early Jacobs versus Golovkin Sports Gambling Lines

February 22, 2017 Boxing, Offshore Bookmaker

The following are the early sports gambling lines for the Daniel Jacobs vs. Gennady Golovkin bout on Saturday, March 18th at Madison Square Garden, courtesy of SBG Global offshore bookmaking online sportsbook:

Daniel Jacobs +600 
Gennady Golovkin -900

Golovkin is the heavy favorite to successfully defend his WBA (Super), WBC, IBF, and IBO middleweight titles. Undefeated and with 33 KO wins, GGG is dangerous as they come, but according to The Guardian, he is “looking to take out Canelo frustrations on Danny Jacobs.” There is little risk of anyone mistaking Jacobs for Alvarez, but after Triple G is done with him, they might have to resort to dental records to identify him. Golovkin must be among the 26% of Kazakhs who are Christians, because he has been turning the other cheek lately – the idea being that if he allows himself to be hit (though he has not admitted as much), more boxers will want to fight him. “He’s got such confidence in his ability and what we do in the gym and what he’s done in the past that once he feels that power, he knows what he can take and can’t take,” trainer Abel Sanchez said. “If you noticed, when he was allowing people to hit him, they’re not hitting him in the chin, they’re hitting him on the forehead. He catches them on the forehead.” Sanchez believes that even though “Danny’s a very good fighter,” Jacobs will end this fight on Dream Street, as have the previous 23 contenders.

The offshore bookmaking sports gambling lines may not on Jacobs’s side, but the Miracle Man believes “destiny” is. Jacobs told reporters at LA Live’s Conga Room he believes “that the creator wouldn’t allow me to come this far and not allow me to be victorious.” Well, we guess Tyler the Creator could incite a riot if Jacobs doesn’t win, but that hardly seems like a sound strategy. The Golden Child is on a 12-KO streak of his own, and has been studying GGG’s fighting style, hoping to capitalize on his (Jacobs’s) strengths and Triple G’s weaknesses. According to former 168lb champion Carl Froch, Jacobs’s punching power could get Golovkin in trouble. Jacobs has three inches on GGG – no, not like that; in height and reach. That means that if Triple G is going to land punches, he is going to have to get hit, whether he allows it or not. Can GGG take it as well as he dishes it out? The American is also younger, and Golovkin is reaching an age in which the wheels start to come off for most boxers. All things considered, if GGG is going for a KO, Jacobs should go for the decision, even if he breaks his own knockout streak. Ultimately, has said he will beat Triple G the same way he beat cancer. So, he’s going to perform a catheter embolization on Golovkin? In all seriousness, though, Jacobs is already a winner in our book for having vanquished the Big C, but as far as offshore bookmaking sports gambling lines go, he’s overmatched.