College or NFL Offshore Bookmaking Lines at SBG Global

February 24th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Offshore bookmaking is so popular on football that many gamblers choose to wager on both the NFL and college football. Which type of betting at offshore sportsbooks do you prefer, NFL betting or college football betting? Offshore gambling on college football is a bit different than NFL action. Gamblers must take emotion into account when handicapping college football. You have revenge, rivalries, and unparalleled passion compared to NFL action.

When you start as an offshore wagering gambler you really need to understand that NFL offshore internet lines and college football offshore bookmaking lines are different. Yes, they are different. Just because it says football does not mean it is the same. The NFL is full of parity. College football is not. There will be upsets in the NFL but many times you can see them coming. You won’t see the major mismatches in NFL offshore bookmaking lines that you see in college. Other than Oakland and Detroit, most NFL teams are very competitive. College football has some 30 and 40 point offshore bookmaking lines during the season. You won’t see that in the NFL where the largest offshore bookmaking line is almost always less than 20 points.

You also must remember when talking about NFL offshore bookmaking lines versus college football offshore  lines, that the NFL season is not as meaningful in terms of every single game mattering. A loss in college football by some teams takes them right out of the national title picture. That is not the case in the NFL. In college football every single game means something. In the NFL you can lose 6 or 7 times and still make the playoffs.

As you look at NFL and college football bookmaking lines you must remember that different factors apply. You may see that home field means more in college football than it does in the NFL. You may also find that favorites do better in colleges than the do in the pros. You must remember that what works in the NFL doesn’t always work in the colleges and vice versa. That is a big key to winning at football offshore wagering.

As you bet football at offshore bookmaking sites this year always remember that just because you win at one form of offshore wagering doesn’t mean you will win at the other one.
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