Bradley Returns but Mariners Still Losing vs. Bookmaker Odds

February 24th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

The Seattle Mariners got Milton Bradley back into the lineup but they are still losing vs. bookmaker odds. It has been a really poor season so far for the Mariners vs. the odds at the online bookmaker and getting Bradley back may not help.

Bookmaker odds indicate that Seattle was picked to compete with the Los Angeles Angels for the American League West title this season. So far all the Mariners have done is flounder in last place.  Bradley left the team for two weeks of counseling. He had two hits in a 3-2 loss to Toronto on Wednesday in his return to the team. “I don’t have all the answers. I’m not saying I’m cured,” Bradley said, “I’m working ever so hard, and I’m committed to this process. It’s going to be an ongoing thing. It’s the best thing for me. I’m glad I took this time.”

Bradley asked for help from manager Don Wakamatsu and general manager Jack Zduriencik. The Mariners didn’t have a lot of choice but to help since they are paying Bradley a ton of money.  Bradley is in the second year of a $30 million, three-year contract that he signed with the Cubs. Bradley has had issues throughout his career but the Mariners sure do need his bat in the lineup. Seattle has been horrible offensively this season vs. the baseball odds at the bookmaker and their lack of run production is the main reason they are in last place. “I’m excited to be back and glad to be part of the team again,” Bradley said. The Mariners are looking at playing Bradley in left field against left-handed pitchers and at DH against right-handers. That should pretty much eliminate any more playing time for Ken Griffey Jr. who was hitting .185 this season.

Seattle has not even been able to win at home this season vs. bookmaker lines.  They had a chance on Wednesday to get a win but they lost 3-2 to Toronto when they couldn’t score enough runs to win. The Mariners are last in the American League in runs scored.  The Mariners last season were great in one-run games but this year they have been awful vs. online bookmaker baseball lines. After Wednesday’s loss, they were 4-11 in one-run games.  Manager Don Wakamatsu believes his team can turn things around. “I have to remain pretty strong through this thing so the club can. I believe in these guys. And I believe we can turn this around.” he said.