Bookmaker – Yankees without Pettitte until September

December 1, 2010 Offshore Bookmaker

The warning signs are starting to appear with the Yankees vs. baseball odds at the bookmaker.

The team has some injuries to be concerned about, one of the key ones to starting pitcher Andy Pettitte.  The Yankees have not been nearly as strong vs. baseball odds at the online bookmaker since Pettitte went on the DL.

Bookmaker baseball odds at sbgglobal favor the Yankees almost every day.  It is really ridiculous but what are they going to do?  New York has a high profile and a lot of stars. What might be surprising to you is that they haven’t been much better than a .500 team recently.  Part of the problem is that they are missing key players including Andy Pettitte.

Pettitte Has Been Missed:  Do you realize just how good Andy Pettitte has been this season?  You could make a case that his numbers this year are the best of his long career. When he goes to the mound you like your chances vs. the odds at the online bookmaker.  The latest news though is not good on Pettitte as he will be out until at least early September and probably until the middle of the month. The Yankees are concerned about the playoffs and they want Pettitte back into a routine before October. Pettitte is also very upset about the rate of his rehab.  He wanted to be pitching this weekend but his left groin muscle has not responded to rehab as well as everyone would like.  Pettitte said he could pitch through the pain but he was overruled by pitching Coach Dave Eiland and the Yankee team doctor.  Pettitte went on the DL on July 20th and the Yankees have not been as good since that time.

Real Concerns:  The Yankee pitching staff has some real concerns.  CC Sabathia is a rock but there are questions about everyone else. Phil Hughes has 14 wins but the Yankees want to limit his pitches.  A.J. Burnett is the most frustrating pitcher in the league to bet on as sometimes he is great while other times he looks like the worst pitcher in the league.  Pettitte was the glue that held the rotation together. Now there are real questions.  After Sabathia the Yankees have Hughes who the team wants to limit innings on, Burnett who is wildly inconsistent, Javier Vazquez who is not much better and Dustin Moseley.

No Help Coming:  New York general manager Brian Cashman said the team is not going to be bringing in another pitcher so the players they have will have to get the job done.  Cashman said that Pettitte’s absence really hurts the team but there is nothing they can do.