Online Bookmaker – Yankees Losing Streak Upsets Owner

May 31, 2011 Offshore Bookmaker

The New York Yankees are not supposed to lose very often vs. the odds at the online bookmaker.

Going into Tuesday night the Yankees had lost six straight games vs. the offshore betting odds at Sbgglobal which was their longest losing streak in more than four years.  Co-chairman Hank Steinbrenner is not happy either and changes could be coming.

Steinbrenner Calls it Unacceptable
When the owner starts calling your play unacceptable you know things are not going well.  Steinbrenner was very upset about getting swept at home by the Red Sox over the weekend.  He says the team has too much talent to get swept by anyone at Yankee Stadium.  New York was just one game over .500 going into Tuesday night’s game against Tampa Bay.  If the losing streak continues then the rumbles out of New York will turn into a major firestorm.

More than One Problem
If you could point to just one thing as to why the Yankees were losing vs. the offshore betting odds at the online bookmaker then perhaps it would make sense that things would turn around.  Manager Joe Girardi thinks that things will turn around but it is now being proven that Girardi may be losing the team. The incident with Jorge Posada is not going to be forgotten and now the players have a built in excuse to fail. In their losing streak the Yankees were hitting just .237. They were outscored 39-22 and the team ERA was 5.24.  If not for Curtis Granderson the Yankees would be struggling on offense even more. Granderson is having an MVP type season but he is really the only one on the team doing anything. Alex Rodriguez is hitting just .242 while Robinson Cano and Mark Teixeira are not doing much.  The pitching staff has been okay but nothing special. CC Sabathia has not pitched like an ace and the rest of the starting staff is nothing special. Mariano Rivera has been his normal unhittable self but the Yankees have to get him the ball and when you are losing games he is not a factor. New York will still score runs as they are 4th in the league but a pitching staff that has a team ERA of 3.88 and ranks 15th in the league is not going to win a title.

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