Bookmaker – Utah at USC Highlights Pac-12 Football Schedule

February 28th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

The Pac-10 will expand to the Pac-12 next season and one of the highlighted games at the bookmaker will be the one between Utah and USC. The two new teams will be Colorado and Utah making it a 12 team league with a championship game.  Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the Pac-12 football schedule that will get the most action at the bookie.

Championship Game
One of the big things about the Pac-10 going from 10 teams to 12 teams is the addition of a championship game.  The Pac-12 season in 2011 will end with the championship game on December 3rd. Unlike some other title games in other conferences, this one will be held at the site of the team with the best record.

2011 Season Begins September 1st
The 2011 college football season will begin on Thursday, September 1st and the Pac-12 will have a team in action right away. Utah will host Montana State on that Thursday.  The highlight game in Week 1 at SBG for the Pac-12 next season will be Oregon going to LSU to face the Tigers.

Week 2
The highlight game of Week 2 and perhaps the entire Pac-12 season is Utah at USC.  That week is a great one for the Pac-12 in non-conference action as well with Arizona State hosting Missouri, Arizona at Oklahoma State, Oregon State at Wisconsin and Nevada at Oregon.

Week 3
The non-conference games in Week 3 are also interesting in terms of football odds at the bookie with Texas visiting UCLA, Washington at Nebraska and Utah at BYU.  Yes, the Utes and Cougars will be playing but it won’t be a conference game any more.

Full Conference Play Begins October 1st
The month of October is when all of the Pac-12 teams get into conference play.  There are still a few non-conference games here and there including Utah at Pittsburgh, USC at Notre Dame and Notre Dame at Stanford.

The bookmaker will have odds on all of the games for the Pac-12 schedule in addition to future odds on which team will win the conference.  Utah will definitely be a contender to win the first season of the Pac-12 along with perennial conference powers Oregon and Stanford.