Bookmaker – Red Sox an Early Disappointment

May 30, 2011 Offshore Bookmaker

The Boston Red Sox are still one of the favorites to win the World Series at the bookmaker but it you look at the standings you will see Boston at the bottom.

The Red Sox were swept in a three-game series at Texas to start the season and already people in Boston are concerned.  The odds at the online bookmaker haven’t moved much though as it is early in the season but there id no doubt that the 0-3 start was not expected from Boston.

Cause for Concern?
There is one number that is a big cause for concern if you are a fan of the Boston Red Sox or if you bet them to win the World Series at the bookmaker.  Of the past 80 teams to make the playoffs, only three started the season at 0-3.  History is made to be broken but that is definitely a worrisome number if you bet Boston to win it all this season at Sbg  The Red Sox were pounded into submission in Texas as they were outscored 26-11. The Rangers hit 11 home runs while Boston hit just three.  If the Red Sox don’t get a strong start out of Josh Beckett on Tuesday in Cleveland then the alarm bells are going to start going off.

Losing Streaks
It is a very long baseball season and streaks do happen.  When they happen to start the season a lot of people panic.  It is worth noting though that Boston made the playoffs two years ago even though they started the season at 2-6.  If Boston goes into Cleveland and struggles then there will be some cause for worry at the online bookmaker.  Cleveland is not a good team and Boston should be able to get on track against the Indians.

Boston Pitching
If there was a concern at the bookmaker for Boston to start the season it was their pitching. That concern so far has been justified as the starting rotation has not looked very good. Jon Lester struggled in the opener but he should be fine. John Lackey was terrible again and Clay Buchholz didn’t have a good start either.  That is why the pressure is on Josh Beckett to come through with a big effort on Tuesday.  The Red Sox can hit but teams win championships with pitching.  This is a big week for Boston as they go to Cleveland for three games and then come back to Boston on Friday for their home opener against the Yankees.