Bookmaker – NFL Draft Recap

May 31, 2011 Offshore Bookmaker

The NFL is currently in a lockout but the league held their NFL Draft and there were odds available at the bookmaker.

The first three picks in the draft were not a surprise in bookie odds at the Sbg global sportsbook but there were a few picks that turned a few heads.  Here is a wrap of this year’s NFL Draft.

Cam Newton was the first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft as he was taken by the Carolina Panthers. It was expected that Newton would go first even though almost everyone says it is a risky pick. Newton may turn into a good quarterback but he may also be a flop. Carolina needs a quarterback and they are hoping that Newton is the answer.

There is no question that quarterbacks got a lot of attention in the 2011 NFL Draft at the bookie. Newton went first overall although he is not really a top quarterback. The Panthers just went on potential and rolled the dice. Jake Locker went 8th overall to Tennessee and the Titans are hoping they made a good choice.  Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder were also taken in the first round. There were 12 quarterbacks take in this year’s NFL Draft.

Running Back
There were 29 running backs taken in the first round but only one, Heisman winner Mark Ingram was taken in the first round.

Wide Receiver
There were 28 wide receivers taken in this year’s draft but most of them were taken late.

Tight End
There were 13 tight end’s taken in the draft, the best of which looks to be Notre Dame’s Kyle Rudolph.

Offensive Line
A total of 40 offensive linemen were taken in the draft.

Defensive Line
A total of 45 defensive linemen were taken in the draft, 12 of those which were chose in the first round. The 12 in the first round were an NFL Draft record.

There were 32 linebackers taken in this year’s draft, many of which were outside linebackers.

A total of 48 cornerbacks were selected, the best of which was Patrick Peterson who went to Arizona.  Peterson was considered the best player in the draft and many at the bookmaker consider him a steal at #5 for Arizona.

There were just five safeties taken in the entire NFL draft.

There were two kickers taken in the draft. The Philadelphia Eagles took Nebraska’s Alex Henery in the fourth round and that is the highest a kicker has been taken since the Patriots took Stephen Gostkowski with the 118th pick in 2006.   It looks like David Akers will be kicking for another team next year.

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