Bookmaker NBA Odds Favor Miami with LeBron

March 2nd, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

The NBA odds at the bookmaker favor the Miami Heat to win next year’s championship. With a powerful trio of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, the Heat has taken over the favorite’s role in NBA offshore betting.

Bookmaker odds list Miami at about 9-5 to win next year’s NBA title while the Lakers are about 5-2.  Just because the Heat are favored does not mean they will win the title.  Many teams in the past have tried to combine superstars and failed.  LeBron and Wade are true superstar players but Bosh is not. He is getting a lot of hype but he is not that much better than Michael Beasley who the Heat gave away to Minnesota. The Heat still don’t have a power center in the middle and they still don’t have a point guard. Those are two glaring areas of weakness.  LeBron and Wade are great players but the Lakers have two great players in Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol and a better supporting cast.  You might not want to hand the NBA title to the Heat just yet.

The key for Miami vs. the bookmaker odds will be getting LeBron to accept being the second leading scorer on the team.  If he is able to pass the ball then perhaps Miami can make the trio work. Wade will likely lead the Heat in scoring while Bosh will have his moments.  As long as LeBron doesn’t mind sharing the load then it might work.  If he wants to take over a game then the Heat could be in trouble.

The one thing Miami has going for them that some other teams in the past didn’t have is that Wade, LeBron and Bosh are all friends. They wanted to play together.  Some teams just throw superstars into the mix and hope they can mesh.  Miami actually has players that want it to happen.

The Heat is going to be the pick by many at the offshore bookmaker to win the NBA title next season but it won’t be easy. The Eastern Conference is better and Orlando and Boston are not going away. Chicago is going to be better with Carlos Boozer and Atlanta is still a threat.  If the Heat can get out of the East they still have to deal with two-time defending champion Los Angeles and Kobe Bryant.  Miami is favored at the bookmaker in offshore betting but the road to an NBA championship is never easy.


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