Hornets Bookmaker Odds Would Change Without Paul

March 3rd, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Hornets Bookmaker Odds Would Change Without Paul. The shakeup in bookmaker NBA odds this off-season has been huge with so many teams signing free agents and it may not be over as New Orleans superstar guard Chris Paul wants out of New Orleans. He has said that he wants to be traded with the New York Knicks the team that he wants to go to.  If Paul is traded the Hornets chances of winning vs. online bookmaker NBA odds would change dramatically.

Bookmaker odds are impacted when a star player is traded.  Look at what happened to the odds on the Cleveland Cavaliers. They went from NBA title contenders to a team that probably won’t finish at .500. Their NBA odds at the bookmaker changed from 3-1 to 100-1 to win the NBA title next season. The Hornets depend on Paul almost as much as the Cavaliers depended upon LeBron James and their odds would change a lot as well.

Paul has said that he would like to play for the Knicks with Amare Stoudemire. The Knicks could then add Denver’s Carmelo Anthony after next season and New York would have a trio that could compete with Miami’s group of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh.  Paul has also said that if a trade can’t be worked out with New York that he might be willing to go to Orlando, Dallas or Portland.

Paul is expected to meet with the Hornets within the next week to discuss his situation.  The Hornets may be receptive to trading Paul since they would like to get themselves into a better financial situation.  Trading your best player though is rarely the way to win in the NBA vs. the bookmaker odds and Paul has been a great player for New Orleans. He gives the Hornets a chance to win every night and he brings excitement.  The Hornets are making a lot of changes though and what was once unthinkable is now being considered.  The Hornets already have hired Monty Williams who is the youngest coach in the league and they hired his friend Dell Demps to be their general manager.  If they decide to get rid of Paul they can pretty much kiss their chances of winning on a regular basis vs. the online bookmaker NBA odds good bye.