Bookmaker – Auburn Tops the BCS Poll

March 8th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Auburn jumped over Oregon and Boise State to take over the top spot in the BCS poll after their big win against the bookmaker odds this past week against LSU. We said last week that Cam Newton was a great value at the online bookmaker to win the Heisman and now everyone knows just how good he is.  Auburn is unbeaten and if they run the table the rest of the way they will play for the national title.

Auburn is #1 in the latest BCS standings and they are followed by Oregon.  If both teams win their remaining games then Boise State is going to miss out again.  Boise doesn’t play anyone of note the rest of the way against those odds at the online bookmaker so they are not going to move up unless the top teams lose and it is possible they fall.  TCU is in fourth and they still have a very tough game remaining against an unbeaten Utah team.  Michigan State is unbeaten and in fifth while Missouri is unbeaten and up to sixth. All three of those teams are a threat to move past Boise in the BCS standings if they go unbeaten.

Oklahoma Falls to Ninth – The Sooners fell to 9th in the BCS standings after the loss to Missouri.  The Sooners are out of the national title race with their one loss but Alabama is not as they are very much in the mix at seventh in the BCS standings.

Eight National Title Contenders
You can now look at the BCS standings and narrow the national title contenders down to eight teams.  We mentioned the top seven teams and you can add Utah as the eighth team as you consider football odds at the bookmaker.  We know that either TCU or Utah will be out of the mix as they will both play each other.  Auburn and Alabama play later in the season as well but Auburn might be in position to lose that game and still be in the national title chase.  A loss by any other team would eliminate them.  It seems very unlikely at the bookmaker that Boise State will lose with their remaining schedule but a perfect season is not going to be enough for Boise unless Auburn, Oregon, Michigan State, Missouri loses and probably TCU and Alabama as well.

Second 10 in BCS Standings
The second ten in the BCS standings begins with Wisconsin. They are followed by Ohio State, LSU, Stanford, Nebraska, Arizona, Florida State, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Arkansas, South Carolina, Mississippi State, Miami of Florida, Virginia Tech, Nevada and Baylor.