Bookie Parlays & Teasers at SBG Global

March 8th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Bookie parlays and teasers are very popular with gamblers and with offshore bookmaker sites. While the overwhelming majority of these wagers lose, some gamblers will win and get a nice return on their investment. It is easy to see why parlays and teasers are popular in terms of NFL bookie odds.

Bookie offshore odds tell us that a parlay is a group of plays that are merged into one single wager.  All of the plays on this NFL bookie wager must win for the parlay to be a winner.  The bookie payoff odds for a parlay go a long way towards explaining the appeal. Most of the time you will see a two team parlay pay 2.6-1 odds.  A three team parlay pays 6-1 in bookie odds.  The bookie odds go up progressively as you add more teams to the parlay at the offshore bookmaker site.

One way to play a bookie parlay is with what is known as a “round robin parlay.” This is where a gambler takes his top three selections for a parlay but, rather than putting them into a single three-team parlay, he rotates them into three, two-team parlays at the offshore bookmaker website. That way, if he goes 2-1, he will still make a profit in offshore bookmaker odds.

A teaser is similar to a parlay in that it is a group of plays that are merged into a single wager versus the bookie odds. The difference is that teasers come with better bookie lines ranging from the traditional six-point “Las Vegas Style” teaser to the “Special” teasers. The trade off for a bookie teaser and those enhanced lines is that the odds do not pay as high as a parlay does. For example, the payoff structure for a six-point teaser would have a three teamer paying 2-1, a four teamer 3-1, etc.

Keep in mind that with parlays and teasers, if you lose just one selection the entire wager loses versus the odds. This means that on a five team teaser or parlay if you win the first four games and lose the fifth, the entire wager blows.

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