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March 8th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Bookie odds intangibles are important to consider as you bet sports. Just what are intangibles, anyway, and just how important are they in the overall Internet bookmaker picture? Bookmaker intangibles range from such angles as revenge, rivalries, motivational angles, recent performance, injuries, weather, travel, and other factors that are not based on hard statistical data. Revenge is often a highly touted intangible factor in gambling. What is oftentimes forgotten though is that the bookie odds already have the revenge angle built into them.

Recent performance is a tricky angle in bookie odds. While a team coming off a strong win or a pathetic loss must have those results taken into account, they cannot overshadow all other factors. Too many gamblers go “all in” based on what happened last week, which is a week too late in most instances as the Internet bookie oddsmakers are aware of this tendency by gamblers and adjust their bookie lines accordingly.

Injuries are another bookie intangible that gets overblown frequently. Gamblers often act as if when a starting quarterback or other key offensive player is out that there will be no adjustment on the bookie lines as they rush to oppose teams caught in those predicaments. Do you really think the bookie oddsmakers are going to forget if a key player is out? Oftentimes, the injured team ends up more valuable on the board due to the bookie oddsmakers compensating for the public reaction to the injury.

Weather is a favorite bookie intangible of over under players, who love to bet the under in stormy games. They also love to oppose teams that are playing in an opposite climate than what they are used to at home. The bookie oddsmakers are ready though because they know the intangibles too.  Just because you think something is of critical importance does not mean it will have value versus the Internet bookie odds.

Always remember when you think about intangibles that the Internet bookie already knows what you know.  In fact, he knows more.  Yes, intangibles are a factor, but only one factor. Don’t let them be more than that.

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