Bookie Halves & Futures at SBG Global

March 8th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Bookie halves wagering and futures wagering is popular with gamblers around the world. Most gamblers look to use an online bookmaker or sportsbooks as they are called for their wagers. Let’s look at halves and futures wagering.

Bookmaker wagering at an online sportsbook on halves and futures don’t get quite as much press but they are great ways to wager on sports. In nearly all football games, as well as many basketball games, you can bet on either the first or the second half with what is known as “halves” in bookie odds.

Many professional gamblers, in fact, do quite well betting the half time bookie lines. These gamblers make a lot of observations based on specific first and second half stats. They then make their online bookie wagers according to that information. Keep in mind that you can get pointspread/side, over/under/totals, as well as a money line when betting halves with an offshore bookmaker.

The futures bookie odds have evolved from being little more than something to offer Nevada tourists for action on their home town team into a science all their own. For example, in July you can bet on certain, marquee type college football games such as Ohio State/Michigan, Texas/Oklahoma, Notre Dame/USC that may not take place until November. The entire Week One NFL slate is also available on bookie future odds. Many “sharps” will wager on such games in the summer, and then compare the bookie lines to what they get on game day and will often try and “middle” the games where they can get online bookie lines in which they can win both sides due to the price difference between the odds.

For many of the gamblers who look at bookie odds, the futures offer an entire different buffet of possibilities for profit. From NFL futures to hockey futures, gamblers really like to wager on bookie odds for future events. The Super Bowl, World Series, basketball championships, etc. give gamblers excellent choices.

Halves and futures in bookie odds are just another way to wager on sports with an online bookie.
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