Baseball Betting Bookie Odds at SBG Global

March 8th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Bookie baseball odds can offer gamblers great value during the spring and summer months. Many gamblers concentrate on football and basketball odds from the online bookmaker and don’t give baseball much of a look. That is really too bad since baseball bookie lines offer great value.

Bookie baseball odds are based on money lines, not pointspreads. The money line is actually extremely simple. If a team is laying -150, that means you are wagering $150 to win $100 or the 15/10 equivalent. You also have terms like the 20 cent line and the 10 cent line. When you lay $110 to win $100 in football or basketball, the 10 cents is the normal vigorish the online bookmaker charges. A 20-cent line is 12 to 10 odds, or you are laying $120 to win a $100. You get that 20 cent line in baseball quite a lot and you also get it on football, basketball and baseball totals. You can shop around for the best bookie lines available but most sportsbooks are dealing the 20 cent line.

You should also know that just because the line starts out at 10 cents or 20 cents doesn’t mean it will stay there. Some online bookmaker sites offer 10 cent lines up to a certain number, say -150, then they go to a 15 cent or 20 cent line from there. This can change for each sportsbook and they all seem to have different rules, so look around for your best bookie baseball odds options.

There used to be a time in baseball bookie lines where 10 cent lines were the most common. Now it is the 20 cent lines that are common. As you look at baseball bookie lines you will find that it is hard to make a profit if you are continually betting favorites. That doesn’t mean you can’t play some favorites but remember that laying -200 or -300 each game means you have to win a very high percentage of your games to win money versus the bookie baseball odds. You may want to consider a parlay when you have two heavy favorites to reduce your risk and still have the chance to make a profit versus the baseball bookie odds.

You can make money as you look at the baseball bookie lines each season. Find the best possible bookie odds price for your games and understand that line shopping is important. Baseball is a great sport to make money in at online bookmaker sites and one in which you should take a serious look at.

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