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March 8th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

Auto Racing Offshore Bookmaking at SBG Global. There was once a time when offshore online gambling bettors looked at Indy Car or Formula One for their auto racing offshore bookmaking odds but those two series are just sidelines with NASCAR dominating the scene at the sports book.

Offshore bookmaking odds are simply more popular on NASCAR. Very few offshore online gambling fans around the world can tell you anyone that drives in the INDY 500.  Maybe offshore online gambling bettors can name Danica Patrick but only because she is female, not because she is any good. NASCAR was smart enough to capitalize on the fall of the INDY 500 and now dominates auto racing offshore bookmaking and viewing around the United States. The Indy racing circuit isn’t even followed by most race fans at the sports book.

Back in the 1980’s the Indianapolis 500 was something to look forward to.  Johnny Rutherford, Rick Mears, A.J. Foyt, Tom Sneva and others were the big names of Indy. In 1996 the Indy 500 changed forever as the Indy Racing League was formed as a rival to the CART series.  The Indy 500 was turned into a minor league race since most of the CART drivers would not cross over into the new Indy league.  Things have never been the same since and probably never will be again in offshore bookmaking. NASCAR simply is the choice of bettors today with Indy Car racing a distant second choice. NASCAR is on the major networks while Indy Car is subjected to the fringe networks.

Betting on the Indy 500 still has a place with offshore online gambling bettors across the world though, just not a very big place. When you are talking about drivers you have never heard of it is hard to get too excited in offshore bookmaking. NASCAR has races every week that get a lot of attention in offshore bookmaking. You have drivers like Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., etc. that race every single week and they are on the offshore bookmaking odds board. Everyone that gets involved in auto racing offshore bookmaking knows the big name drivers.

NASCAR is the choice for most offshore bookmaking fans around the world today. If you are looking to bet auto racing you should definitely be able to find NASCAR offshore bookmaking odds at your favorite sportsbook.

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