Arsenal Stronger vs. Bookmaker Odds with Fabregas

March 9th, 2022 Online Offshore Bookmaker

The bookmaker odds on Arsenal this season will be impacted again by captain Cesc Fabregas who will be staying with the team. Fabregas would have preferred to play for Barcelona this season but Arsenal was not willing to sell their captain.  Fabregas has gone on record saying that he will be giving 100% to Arsenal this season and that is good news for gamblers who wager on the Gunners in offshore betting.

Bookmaker odds favor Chelsea and Manchester United in the Premier League but Arsenal is not without a chance to win the league this season.  A healthy and focused Fabregas definitely helps Arsenal’s chances. It looked for a while like he would be playing for Barcelona but Arsenal rejected to bids for Fabregas.

It has been seven years since Fabregas joined Arsenal from his home town club Barcelona. He has admitted that he would like to return but is fully committed to Arsenal this season.  Fabregas has no other option since Arsenal rejected the bids made by Barcelona.  Many of Barcelona’s top players wanted Fabregas to join the team including David Villa and midfielder Xavi.

Now that the drama regarding the status of Fabregas is behind them, Arsenal head coach Arsene Wenger can focus on getting ready for the Premier League season.  Fabregas is perhaps the best player on Arsenal but they are not just a one man team.  They really need Robin van Persie to stay healthy. They lost him for five months last season and it really hurt their scoring ability.  Arsenal didn’t do much in the off-season but they could be improved simply because they are healthy.  They need a good year out of Theo Walcott and Samir Nasri.

Arsenal is not the favorite in the Premier League in offshore betting but they are capable of pulling off a surprise this season.  Everything would have to go right but Chelsea and Manchester United are not unbeatable so it is not out of the question for Arsenal to stay in title contention all season.  Having Fabregas in the lineup is very important and now Arsenal has put that issue to rest for at least this year.  Arsenal begins the season on the road as they visit Liverpool on Sunday.


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