Sending Money for Offshore Betting at SBG Global

March 9th, 2022 Offshore Betting SportsBook

Offshore betting sites are almost like banks in the way they handle money. There are many options for sending and receiving money when betting offshore.  Online betting deposits and withdrawals can be made easy enough.  Online  betting sportsbooks and poker sites are the two most common sites that money is sent to, so let’s look at how to send money.

1:  NETeller – It used to be that NETeller was the main way everyone sent money to and from online betting sites. That is no longer the case since NETeller caved into the U.S. government and no longer allows United State customers.  They provide same-day payments and instant transfers. The good news for you is that the offshore betting sites usually pay the fees for deposits.

2:  Credit Cards – This is the declining option although some online betting sites still offer it. It is such a pain to use credit cards that most people are avoiding them when depositing at offshore betting sites.

3:  Federal Express – You can overnight a cashiers or bank check for deposit into your offshore betting account.

4:  Moneybookers – This is a personal payment account that you fund directly from your bank account. You can use that account to fund your online betting account. The drawback with this method is that it is not instant and it could take days for the money to be available when betting online.

5:  Bank and Money Wires – This used to be a popular option led by Western Union and has come back in some respects since NETeller declined. The fees with money wires are very high and most people would prefer other options but the good news is that the offshore betting site normally picks up the fees on deposits.

6:  Cashier and Certified Checks, Money Orders, etc. – This option is most often used with the Fed-Ex option to get money into your account quickly for betting online.

Sending and receiving money to online betting sites is very easy. It is so simple that it is really like dealing with a bank when betting offshore. Most offshore betting sites pick up the fees, so it doesn’t cost you anything for deposits. It is hard to argue with instant transfer options and the speed at which money is transferred.

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