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March 9th, 2022 Offshore Betting SportsBook

Online betting offshore totals are where gamblers bet on whether or not the combined score of a sporting event will go over or under. Let’s take a pro basketball example. Let’s say that an over/under total number is posted at 212 for the game between the Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers. Gamblers have their choice in offshore wagering on whether to bet over or under the combined points’ total of 212.

Online betting offshore totals are concerned only about the number of points, goals or runs in a game. The winner of the game is irrelevant in totals offshore wagering. Let’s say, for example, that the Lakers won that game by a score of 100-88, which was a grand total of 188. The game would be considered an “under” in this situation at the online betting offshore site.

Now let’s say that the Lakers won the game 110-109, which is a combined score of 219. That game would be an “over” as it cleared the posted online betting offshore number of 212. If the game ended with a Lakers victory of 112-100, the game would be considered a “push” as the combined score of 212 would match the offshore wagering total, and all online betting offshore gamblers would get their money refunded.

A lot of professional online betting offshore gamblers like to bet totals because there is not as much activity on them as there are sides, and the online betting offshore lines tend to remain more pure and with less public influence.

Totals are also a highly popular way to wager on baseball, in fact, because many online betting offshore gamblers do not like to lay out big prices on good pitchers and yet want to try and take advantage of those pitchers being on the mound by betting the “under.”  It is always nicer to lay -120 than it is to lay -300 when it comes to baseball offshore wagering.

When the playoffs roll around the totals can also get some attention from gamblers who wager at online betting offshore sites. Most sports totals are lower in the post season, when better defense dominates, so when you bet during the playoffs do not be alarmed if the online betting offshore totals are lower.

If you like to wager on points scored then totals are for you when making wagers at online betting offshore sites. Open a New Account and start offshore betting on sports at SBG Global!


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