Offshore betting: NFL Offseason Rumors, what’s true and what’s bogus?

August 23rd, 2017 Offshore Betting

Offshore betting fans, those who are smart and hardcore players know that they need to be informed on what surrounds the teams in the league. The offseason in NFL is an almost never-endingplethora of rumors from the ludicrous to leaked secrets. If you are betting offshore on NFL football this season, you might have heard some of these rumors already.


The first rumor that we should address is of Matt Schaub being the new Oakland Raiders starting QB. Yes, Schaub is experienced and could bring a lot to the Oakland organization, however his starting position is not entirely a guarantee since former Fresno State QB Derek Carr is expected to take over the role in a near future. Experts agree, and from what it has been gathered from the initial OTA’s, that Schaub’s role in for the Raiders might be only temporary.

The second rumor that we need to address is on how, even though Johnny Football has the eyes of the media fixating on him. For those Betting Offshore we can tell you that the starting Quarterback position for the Cleveland Browns will be going to Brian Hoyer, at least for the start of the season. Manziel will be number 2 on the Browns depth chart on the QB department. Son for all 

Current Champs Seattle Seahawks this off season signed Russell Wilson, a pretty decent and potentially starting quarterback. Now they have that position covered with Tavaris Jackson, so a rumor began to float around the internet stating that Wilson would be placed as either a TE or even a Wide Receiver. This couldn’t further from the truth. Wilson’s role on the Seahawks is to have a good, young and talented Quaterback on staff to be a possible replacement for Jackson.

Finally perhaps one of the biggest rumors this offseason has seen is the Texans will get rid off Andre Johnson. All Offshore betting fans might know that Johnson, very displeased with the Texans organization, has openly asked to be traded. Also, he has been AWOL on the initial Off Season OTAs. But the Texans don’t appear to keen on moving fast to trade the talented Wide Receiver. According to experts close to the Texans say that the only way Andre Johnson will leave the team is if a considerable offer is made for him, and we would like to stress and underline “considerable”.  What the Texans are hoping is that, with the recent staff changes they will be able to persuade him on to staying until the end of his contract.

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