Horse Racing Offshore Wagering at SBG Global

March 11th, 2022 Offshore Betting SportsBook

Offshore wagering on horse racing is considered by many people to be the most exciting type of gambling there is. It is even more exciting than the battle sports gamblers have against the offshore bookmaking line. Offshore wagering on horses gives you an unmatched excitement that nothing in gambling can match.

Offshore wagering on horses gives you quite a few different options. You can bet horses to win, place, or show. That is pretty simple in that it means finishing first, second or third. If you bet a horse to place you will win your bet if he finishes first or second. If you bet to show, the horse only needs to finish in one of the top three positions for you to cash your ticket in offshore wagering. You can also get involved in offshore wagering with horses on exactas, quinellas, trifectas, daily double’s, pick three’s, pick four’s, and pick sixes. An exacta is picking the exact order of finish of the first two horses. A quinella is similar, but either of your two horses can finish first or second for you to win your bet. A trifecta is betting the exact order of the first three horses in offshore wagering.

There are also multiple race offshore wagering bets, similar to what you have in sports where you bet multiple things versus the offshore bookmaking line. They are the daily double, pick three, pick four, or pick 6. They can be difficult to hit because you have to get the winner of three races in a row to hit the pick three, four for the pick 4 and all six for the pick 6. The daily double is usually the first two races of the day or the last two of the day and you need both winners to collect in offshore wagering. Pick three’s are usually available throughout the day at the track, while pick 4’s are usually the last four races of the day and the pick 6 usually the last 6 races of the day. It is not easy to hit these multiple race bets, just as it is not easy to win parlays against the offshore bookmaking odds and you will need to box horses together to have a reasonable chance in offshore wagering.

There is a lot more to offshore wagering on horses but these basics should get you started. Offshore wagering on horses is extremely exciting, just as wagering against sports offshore bookmaking lines are and it is something that everyone will enjoy.

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