Granados versus Broner Offshore Online Gambling Action

September 19th, 2019 Boxing, Offshore Betting

Adrian Granados and Adrien Broner will meet in the kind of first-name offshore online gambling action that hasn’t been seen since Santa Claus versus Xanta Klaus. Below are the odds for the fight on February 18th at Cintas Center in Cincinnati, according to the offshore bookmaking sites like SBG sportsbook:

Adrian Granados +230 
Adrien Broner -270 

Offshore Online Gambling Adrian Granados

As can be gathered from the above, Granados is what we in the offshore bookmaking biz call the “underdog.” Nevertheless, Granados’ trainer George Hernandez – considered one of the best trainers in the Chicago area – is optimistic that his trainee will be able to pull the upset. Even though this will be the first time that these two will officially face each other in the squared circle (Lindemann-Weierstrass theorem? What’s that?), Granados is actually well acquainted with Broner.

Preparation and Training

As a matter of fact, Granados trained with Broner for two months in 2014 in order to help the latter prepare for his WBA welterweight title defense against Marcos Maidana. That’s one theory. The other theory is that Granados was a mole that infiltrated Broner’s camp to spy on him and sabotage his fight. After all, Broner had his first loss – and dropped the title – to Maidana. Coincidence? Yeah, very probably, yes. The point is, they know each other well. They’re probably on a first name basis. “Hi, Adrian.” “Hey, Adrien.” Just like The Two Jakes.

Adrien Broner

The offshore online gambling favorite, Broner, is a former four-weight world champion; WBO junior lightweight champion (2011-2012), WBC lightweight champion (2012-2013), WBA welterweight champion (2014), and WBA super lightweight champion (2015-2016). Moreover, he was the fifth best pound-for-pound boxer in the world in December 2012 per The Ring Magazine. And he boxed Ponce de Leon in 2011. So he finally found that Fountain of Youth and became a boxer. Good for him. Back to Broner, he has not had a boxing match in almost a year, since defeating Ashley Theophane by TKO on April 1st, 2016. However, it has been no sabbatical for the Can Man. he posted suicide threats on Instagram in October, but later said he was fine.

Consider This

Perhaps he was trying to escape a mob a la Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles. “And now for my next impression, Jesse Owens!” then, he served 30 days in July after being charged with contempt of court for showing up late for his trial for an alleged assault and robbery outside of a bowling alley in Cincinnati. However, he’s ready to leave all that behind and get back to the boxing game, which “isn’t the same without (him),” as Broner put it. “I know (Granados) well and I know there’s no doubt he’ll be ready to fight.” See? I told ya. It speaks volumes of Broner that he is the offshore online gambling favorite in spite of all of his personal and legal problems. That as far as offshore bookmaking is concerned. Generally speaking, this fight has Floyd Mayweather’s stamp of approval, as his company Mayweather Promotions is co-promoting the event.

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