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March 14th, 2022 Offshore Betting SportsBook

Online betting offshore action on football is the most popular way to bet sports. Pro and college football have many similarities but even more differences as the offshore bookmaking line will indicate.  Let’s take a look at pro and college football wagering at online betting offshore sites.

Online betting offshore wagering on the NFL is hugely popular and very easy to do. The online betting offshore pointspreads are close on most games and the margin for error and value is razor thin, both on the field and even more so at the offshore bookmaking sportsbooks.  How many games each week land within a point or two of the online betting offshore number?

In college football, on the other hand, you will notice more mismatches and often larger online betting offshore lines as a result. And with that in mind many novices that bet on college football will see those larger lines and automatically side with the favorite, thinking that the matchup will be a slaughter, which it often is. That being said, however, even a slaughter can be covered by the dog in online betting offshore action.

Keep in mind that when you bet football, no matter if it is pro, college, or both, the public has a tremendous amount of influence on how the offshore bookmaking odds are set. In pro football, teams such as the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts often are charged an extra point or two on the online betting offshore board because of their public appeal. The same holds true with college football programs such as Notre Dame, USC, Michigan, Ohio State, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, and Oklahoma.

The masses that bet football often tend to gravitate towards the home team, especially when they are favored by the offshore bookmaking odds, because that fits their comfort zone. That being said, because so many gamblers do that, the added value is often with the dog since online betting offshore sites will charge less.

Betting football at online betting offshore sites is easy whether it is on the NFL or college football.  Make your choices today and enjoy all of the great online betting offshore football action.

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