Baseball Offshore Wagering Advantages at SBG Global

March 14th, 2022 Offshore Betting SportsBook

Offshore wagering on baseball doesn’t get nearly as much attention as football and basketball wagering. Why should you care about baseball when you are betting offshore? Are there some advantages you need to be aware of? Offshore betting on sports usually involves pointspreads but not in baseball. When betting offshore baseball action you are dealing with a money line instead of a pointspread. The most common types of baseball offshore betting money lines are the ten cent and twenty cent lines. For example, a ten-cent line would be laying $110 for every $100 dollars while a twenty-cent line would be $120 for every $100. The money line in baseball offshore betting might look something like this:

New York Mets Santana +120
Philadelphia Hamels -140

That would be an example of a twenty-cent line in baseball offshore betting . You risk $140 for every $100 you wanted to win on Philadelphia in baseball offshore wagering. You get $120 back for every $100 risked on New York in baseball offshore wagering. The difference is twenty dollars and that is why it is called a twenty-cent line. The starting pitchers are listed since a lot of the handicapping and oddsmaking is based on the pitchers who start the game.

A huge advantage in baseball offshore betting is the money line. Points don’t matter. You just have to lay more money. Let’s say that you like two high priced favorites but you aren’t real excited about laying 2-1 odds on each of them when betting offshore. Why not parlay the two together at a sportsbook in baseball online wagering? The return will be right around even money and that is pretty good considering both teams are expected to win.

Baseball online wagering really comes down in the simplest terms to hitting and pitching. The team with the advantage in both of these categories usually wins. Remember points don’t come into play. You just need to pick the winner. If you find a matchup where you have a hitting and a pitching edge then it makes sense to play the game. You can break down statistics to a much greater extent than that when betting online baseball action, but this shows you that baseball can be a simple sport to bet.

Baseball offshore wagering is something that every sports bettor should seriously consider.

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