You’ll want to bet on Hockey Match Featuring Jackets at Hawks

If you’re looking to bet on hockey action on Sunday March 28th and get a rood return on your sports wagering investment than look no further than this hockey betting matchup. This Central division online betting challenge will feature the best and the worst of this competitive division and looks to be some of the surest money on the NHL betting board that day.

On March 28th the Columbus Blue Jackets will travel to Chicago to take on the Blackhawks in what should be a sports betting massacre.  This is definitely not the hockey betting matchup in which you want to pick the sports betting underdog.  The Blue Jac0kets have no chance of coming out on top in this one and the NHL odds state as much.

The Chicago Blackhawks 46-20-7) are one of the top teams in the NHL wagering this year and if you like to bet on hockey this is a good team to place your money on in almost any hockey gambling situation.  But what makes this such a compelling matchup is the fact that the Blackhawks are a far superior team to the Blue Jackets and of course the home ice advantage.  Rabid Hawks fans will have the stadium filled to gills for this, and any other, bet on hockey match up Chicago is featured in.  Hawks are a one of the best home teams you’ll see in any bet on hockey scenario with a record of 27-7-3.

Columbus (30-32-12) is, for all intents and purposes, and awful team. The Blue Jackets have just 72 points through 74 games if you want to bet on hockey teams this would not be your first choice.  It ranks last in the Central division and has the third worst record in the entire Western Division. Look for the Blackhawks to win this NHL betting matchup, and win big.

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