Win When You Bet on Hockey Totals

Bet on hockey totals may not be high on the priority list of sportsbooks but that shouldn’t matter to you since you can win money betting them. There are some things to consider when you look at totals in NHL betting and it is those we want to examine.

Bet on NHL totals are simple enough to understand. You are betting over or under the NHL betting total listed as the sportsbook. The first step to betting NHL totals is looking at past head to head meetings between the two teams.  Usually going back three years is enough since going back any farther can give you results that could be skewed since the NHL has changed.  You also want to consider breaking these matchups down by home and away meetings as well when you bet on hockey.  You will find that some teams just play a certain way against each other.  If you look at the past meetings between teams you will find some good information.

Another factor to look at when you bet on hockey is whether or not the game is a division game. Teams tend to play more wide open when they are playing outside of their own division. If a low scoring team is playing outside of the division the game could be higher scoring than if they are playing within their division, against a team that plays it close to the vest.

Another of the factors to consider when you bet on hockey is the play of the starting goalies. When you know that the game you are betting is going to have two strong goalies in net, then giving the under some serious consideration is something you want to do as you bet on NHL .   Researching their past bet on hockey meetings should give you a good idea as well. The same principle holds true when looking at totals in NHL betting.

As with betting other sports at online casinos, streaks can also play into your strategy with NHL betting totals.  Some teams get on a run where they just can’t score.  When you see teams that are really struggling offensively then you can bet their games under the bet on hockey number until they break out of their slump. That theory also applies when teams are scoring goals in bunches.  That streak can continue for a few games and you can ride the over as you bet on hockey.

Totals can be profitable as you bet on hockey. The NHL has seen an increase in scoring so taking the over is usually the first way you want to look as you bet on hockey today.


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