Who’s 2010 Stanley Cup Odds Favorite Now?

With just five teams left in the 2010 Stanley Cup odds action at present, it’s much easier to try and handicap the NHL hockey betting field now than, than two weeks ago when there were still 16 active in the hockey betting.

But one by one the possible hockey betting contenders have been eliminated and now only the best of the best of the Stanley Cup betting action remain. But with the way the 2010 Stanley Cup odds action has unfolded it’s still not all that easy to try and figure out which team will ultimately hoist the Lord Stanley’s Cup when all the NHL playoff betting dust settles.

In the West you’ve got the two best teams in the hockey betting conference squaring off for what should be a tremendous Western Conference between the San Jose Sharks and the Chicago Blackhawks.  This is a sports betting matchup that hockey betting fans have been begging for all season long with the winner getting a berth in the 2010 Stanley Cup odds action.  These were the top two teams during the 2010 NHL betting season in the West and two of the top three teams in the entire league.

The Sharks are a bit rusty after a very long layoff from the Stanley Cup betting action and the Hawks may be able to come in and still of the first two games on the road in this 2010 Stanley Cup odds series.  But hockey betting fans should expect a dogfight in this series and when all is said and done we could very likely see the Hawks emerge as the 2010 Stanley Cup odds favorite out of the West.

And from the East? You have a better chance of predicting the date of Armageddon than choosing a winner out of the East.

The only team that has booked a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals betting action is the #8 Montreal Canadiens.  The hockey betting odds makers like the Philadelphia Flyers chances of joining the Habs in the Conference Finals.  And out of this potential #7 and #8 pairing you’ve got to like the Habs chances of reaching the Stanley Cup betting action.

And in a potential Stanley Cup betting matchup between the Hawks and Habs, you’d be crazy to bet against the red hot Habs and their ridiculous goalie, Jaroslav Halak.

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