Value in NHL Preseason Odds at SBG Global

NHL preseason odds are not that different than regular season odds. You still want to find value with NHL preseason betting odds.Hockey is a money line sport like baseball, rather than a pointspread sport like football and basketball, and value is often of huge importance because there is often a twenty-cent spread between the favorite and the dog in most NHL preseason odds.

NHL preseason lines changed a bit a few years ago when ties were eliminated. It meant that value on the underdog decreased a bit because if a game goes to a shootout the better team usually wins in NHL preseason lines. This makes finding value more difficult and it also means that home favorites have become overpriced, even in NHL preseason odds. The problem you have in looking for value is where do you go in NHL preseason lines? Road teams can’t get ties anymore so they have to win outright for you to collect versus the NHL preseason betting odds. That is not easy in any sport and that includes the NHL. The problem you have in taking the home team though is that the prices have gotten very high, even with NHL preseason odds.

Road teams will win versus NHL preseason betting lines but they are not as valuable as they once were. You can still find some value on road teams but you must make sure you are getting a good price because the home teams still win more often than not in NHL preseason lines. Where you can take a road team is when they area small favorite in NHL preseason lines If a team is favored on the road they are likely superior in talent and capable of a road win.

Another value angle in NHL preseason lines is streaks. As it has been said over the years, a gambler can lose only once betting on a streak and win several times during it, even versus NHL preseason betting lines. As you look for value keep in mind that you must be ever on the lookout in the new NHL. That means looking at information and making good decisions as you consider NHL preseason lines.


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