Underdogs in NHL Preseason Betting at SBG Global

NHL preseason betting gives you some excellent opportunities to make money. As you bet on NHL preseason action you may want to take a look at UD . NHL preseason betting involves money lines. Hockey is a money line sport so you do get value when you bet UD in NHL preseason betting. Let’s look at a typical example that you would see when you bet on NHL preseason games.

Phoenix Coyotes +110
Dallas Stars -130

In this example if you like Dallas you are laying $130 for every $100 you want to win or the equivalent of 10/13 in NHL preseason betting. If you like Phoenix you are getting $110 for every $100 you risk or the equivalent of 11/10 in this NHL preseason betting example. A lot of the time when you bet UD in hockey you will be taking the road team as you bet on NHL preseason games. That is not necessarily bad news in NHL preseason betting. Home teams in all sports are not as advantageous as they may appear.

There is not a huge home ice advantage in the NHL anymore. If the road team has nearly a 50% chance of winning, we are getting great value with plus money in NHL preseason betting. You must remember though to pick your spots in NHL preseason betting. Remember when a tie got your money back? That is no longer the case in NHL preseason betting. If the game goes to overtime (five minutes) and is not decided it then goes to a shootout. The problem with a shootout when you have the dog is that the better team usually wins in NHL preseason betting.

Take a look at the plus money as you bet on hockey games. The money line makes it possible to pick 50% and make money. You should take a look at betting UD in NHL preseason betting and don’t be afraid to take the road teams. Both can be profitable if you are able to pick your spots and remain selective as you bet on NHL preseason action.


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