Teams to watch in the NHL Playoffs Betting season at SBG Global

NHL playoffs betting is just around the corner and hockey fans are nearly out of their mind with NHL betting excitement. This year has been one of the most interesting NHL seasons in years and if that’s any indication of things to come the NHL betting should be crazy. And with the regular season winding down there are a handful of teams that seem as though they might have what it takes to run the tables in the NHL betting.

NHL betting generally always strikes a high note with NHL betting fans and spots fans in general. After last season great NHL betting display in the post season fans are expecting huge things in the NHL betting this year. Judging by the heated competition in the regular season, the NHL betting fans are likely to get what they asked for.

In the Eastern Conference the star of the regular season and team sure to make a lot of noise in the NHL betting is the Detroit Red Wings. Although the team has hit a rough patch in the NHL betting of late going 2-7-1 over it’s last ten games, it still posses the best record in hockey and will likely retain that mark heading into the Hockey playoffs.

Another team that seems destined to do great things in the NHL betting is the Dallas Stars; a team that not a lot of NHL betting fans expected to do big things, but just weeks away from the start of the NHL playoffs betting this team posses the second best record in all of NHL betting. Not only that, if the NHL betting were to start today this would be the hottest team in the playoffs with a record of 8-2 over its past ten games.

But there are many more teams that could do some damage in the NHL betting including Pittsburgh, Carolina, Ottawa, Montreal, Minnesota and Anaheim. The truth of the matter is that among the teams likely headed for the NHL playoffs betting, it will all but impossible to separate the one seeds from the eight seeds as much of the NHL playoff betting will be fought between teams with nearly identical records. And with that kind of competitive potential this year’s NHL playoffs betting looks to be some of the most exciting in years.