Chicago BlackHawks Are The 2010 Stanley Cup Odds Champions

Forty-nine years of Stanley Cup betting drought came to an end on Wednesday night when the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Philadelphia Flyers in a thrilling Game 4 battle to claim the 2010 Stanley Cup odds title and hoist Lord Stanley’s giant chalice for the first time nearly five decades.

In doing so the Hawks broke the longest such NHL betting winless streak and returned the Cup to the Windy City, a place with at proud hockey betting tradition.

And as the 2010 Stanley Cup odds season comes to a thrilling conclusion sports betting fans can only look back and say: WOW!

What a run it’s been through these past two months 16 teams were finally whittled down to two Stanley Cup odds contenders.  Both the Hawks and the Flyers played their guts out and anyone that saw any of the 2010 Stanley Cup odds action unfold would surely agree that this series was every bit as interesting as last year’s Stanley Cup betting series between the Red Wings and Penguins, and will certainly go down in the annals of Stanley Cup betting as one of the most memorable in years.

Part of what made the 2010 Stanley Cup odds action so compelling was the contrasting back stories of both of these teams.  On the one hand you had the Blackhawks who were the cream of the NHL betting crop since almost the beginning of the hockey betting season.  Chicago qualified for the NHL playoff betting competition as the #2 and tore through the Western Conference event sweeping the #1 seed Sharks in 4 games.

On the other hand you had the other 2010 Stanley Cup odds competitor, the Flyers, a team that qualified for the NHL playoff betting action only on the last day of the regular season by winning a shootout in overtime.  This team went on to upset the #2 Devils, rewrite the NHL betting history books by staging an unforgettable 3-0 comeback versus the Bruins, and finally dismissing the #8 seed Canadiens in the Eastern Conference Finals betting action.

While many sports betting fans were hoping for a Game 7 finale in Chicago and were loath to see the wildly entertaining 2010 Stanley Cup odds action finally draw to a close, all in all it was a helluva run.

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